Aviation Survival

As a pilot, we never want to think about some of the scenarios we could end up in if things don’t go as planned but spending a night in the wilderness because of weather or worse is a possibility and being prepared is the key to surviving the event or not.

I have carried a small, personal survival kit since my early days as a pilot after attending an aviaiton survial course. Just a few simple items can make a huge difference if you were to become stranded. Below is a list of some of the things I own or I recommend.

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Compact 13 Piece
Survival Kit

32 Piece
Survival Kit

Everlit 42L
Tactical Survival

S.O.L Origin
Waterproof Compact
Survival Kit

Pathway North
Modular Survival Shovel/Axe/Multitool

Gerber Downrange
Tomahawk Axe/Prybar

10ft Nylon Hammock
with Bug Net

Leatherman Surge
Heavy Duty Multitool

4 Person 72 Hour
Survival/Emergency Kit

Compact First Aid Kit

Emergency Shelter,
Sleeping Bag & Fire Starter

Personal Water Filter

Garmin inReach
Personal Satellite
Communicator & GPS

Garmin inReach Mini
Satellite Communicator

Spot 3
Personal Satellite Messenger

ACR ResQLink 400
Personal Locator Beacon

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