About Your Writers

I have searched far and wide to bring you the best team to create the content for Pilot Teacher. All of your writers are skilled craftsmen in their areas of aviation expertise and we hope to continue to provide you with the most informative and accurate information.

Meet Your Team…

Lucas Moctezuma

Lucas Moctezuma

Lucas Moctezuma is a passionate aviation enthusiast from Sydney, Australia and the Chief Writer at Copyshipper. He is a qualified lawyer who formerly practiced aviation law in a leading Australian law firm, working on aircraft accident lawsuits, aviation insurance claims and commercial negotiations between airlines, airports and other stakeholders.

Lucas was also a principal researcher for the textbooks Aviation Law in Australia (5th ed) and International Aviation Law (2nd ed), written by leading aviation lawyer Professor Ronald Bartsch.

He enjoys writing content relevant to aviation and continues to keep an eye on the industry as it constantly evolves.

You can find Lucas and his services at Copyshipper.com

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Yash Parekh

Yash Parekh

Yash started off his aviation journey by doing aircraft maintenance engineering, and a degree in aviation. It didn’t just help him to understand the aircraft and their systems, but also spending 3 years in college helped him understand how the entire aviation world works.

In 2021, Yash enrolled in flight school and completed his fixed-wing commercial pilot certificate.

He now works as a ground school instructor helping other people reach their dream of flight and passes on his incredible wealth of aviation knowledge to students and readers all over the globe.

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Vasileios Papadiamantis

Vasileios Papadiamantis

Vasileios is a 26-year-old First Officer flying the Boeing 737-800 and 737 Max for one of the biggest airlines in Europe. Based out of Vienna, Austria he can be found all over the skies of Europe while bringing his expert knowledge and experience of commercial airline operations to your articles.

Originally from Greece, this is where Vasileios completed his flight training to become a commercial airline pilot with further training completed in the UK.

His love of both aviation and writing allows him to pass on his passion to you and provide you with the most technically accurate information from his day-to-day flying.

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Syed Anas Ali Shah

Syed Anas Ali Shah

Like all of us, Syed’s love of aviation started at a young age. His first flight traveling alone on board an airliner gave him one of the most incredible sunsets he had ever seen! From that point on he knew that he wanted to see this sight regularly and from the cockpit.

After completing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science he enrolled in flight school in 2016 where he was awarded his Fixed-Wing CPL with Frozen ATPL.

When not flying high above the earth he loves to write about aviation and all that it involves.

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