About This Website

Firstly, Thank You for your interest in this website. Alongside aviation, this is my other passion. Being able to pass on information, my experience, and helping people follow their dream of becoming a pilot or feeding the interest of aviation enthusiasts brings me great joy.

One of the bonuses of this website is that it is able to provide me with a full-time, passive income every month allowing me to provide financial stability and freedom for my family.

This is the first time I have built a blog and it is very fulfilling!

Below are the products I use to build this site. The companies who own these products have been great to deal with and I am only recommending them because I use them myself and they have earned my recommendation.
They are affiliate links and I get a small no-cost-to-you commission if you purchase your product from them. If you would like to use them on your own website just click on each companies Banner Image to go straight to their products.

Thank You.

This Whole Journey Began With
Project 24

Project 24 by Income School is the Step-by-Step course I have followed to produce this website and has allowed me to earn a full-time living within 24 months. Aimed at beginners, it is a simple 60 step process that is easy to follow and has changed my family’s life!

If you have a passion, interest or hobby you too can easily turn it into a passive niche website with ease, but hard work following Project 24!

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

The Website Domain Name is from

This was by far the best deal I found when searching for my website name. Their customer service is really helpful, fast and they have bags of learning material to help you answer any queries.

The Website Hosting is from

Bluehost is one of the best, efficient, low-cost and most popular hosting companies on the internet. Their easy-to-follow tutorials makes setting up your website a breeze and their online chat support is lighting fast and very helpful. I will always use Bluehost on any future websites I make.

The Website Theme is
Acabado from Income School

Acabado is a WordPress theme from Income School. It is a custom built theme designed specifically for bloggers to present a blog in a clean, easy-to-use manner. Oh and it is Stupid fast!!!

An Additional Theme is
X-Theme from Themeco

X-Theme is a beautiful and highly customizable theme that I have used on many websites and provides a great alternative if Acabado does not fit your needs.

The Website Photos Are Optimized by

Images are one of the biggest reasons to a slow performing website. The only Plugin-Ins I use on this website are from Shortpixel. They automatically optimize my images without any loss in picture quality.